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Marketing & Engagement Executive at Foursynergy Group, I spearheaded the launch of two brands, including a £200 million investment company.


2/26/20232 min read

As the Marketing & Engagement Executive at Foursynergy Group, I was responsible for the marketing, digital, and PR activities of 10 associated brands. In just four months, I helped launch two brands, including a £200 million investment company, Impact Investments. To streamline the marketing process, I created a content calendar, media plan, events calendar, and brand guidelines.

For the brand launch, I executed a multi-channel marketing campaign that included a search NetZero campaign, which helped raise £200 for the newly launched investment company. I also updated and monitored the bid strategy in Google Ads, resulting in a CTR increase of 3.2% in the first month. MI reports with target metrics/objectives were created and presented at board-level meetings.

As part of my role, I developed the strategy for the inbound/outbound lead generation campaign, which increased demand, conversion, and revenues. I managed a team of six individuals, including a designer, a content team, and a web development team. Initiating the Hootsuite advocacy program on LinkedIn, I increased audience engagement by 40% in two weeks with the brand's website and LinkedIn page by creating relevant content.

Working closely with the property, sales, finance, and HR departments, I initiated strategies to improve branding and leads. As a subject matter expert on the product suite, customer behavior, and market landscape, I leveraged insights to inform product development, positioning, and go-to-market strategies. Collaborating with cross-functional teams, I created and executed go-to-market strategies, ensuring product and feature launches were delivered on time and met customer needs.

To increase awareness and proficiency of product use amongst customer segments, I developed and delivered product marketing campaigns, working closely with product managers and UX teams to create and distribute positioning and messaging for new products and features, both internally and externally. I also monitored competitor and market trends, interpreting competitor and market intelligence into product marketing strategies to stay ahead of the competition. Reporting on product adoption and marketing campaign effectiveness, I analyzed data to refine campaign strategies and inform product development decisions.

Overall, my time at Foursynergy Group was dynamic and challenging, but ultimately rewarding. I enjoyed working with a talented team to create and execute successful marketing campaigns that increased brand awareness, demand, and conversion. My experience in this role has enabled me to develop a broad range of skills, making me a versatile marketing professional capable of delivering results in a fast-paced environment.

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