Uni of Arts London


2/23/20231 min read

Working with the University of Arts London on their recruitment campaign was an exciting opportunity for me as a content marketer. They required me to design posters that would be featured on their website, digital channels, and London campus. The posters needed to resonate with their target audience and be consistent with their branding style.

To begin the project, I conducted extensive research on the university's existing posters and branding guidelines, to ensure that my designs were aligned with their vision and values. I also researched the target audience, their interests, and motivations, to ensure that the content and design of the posters would resonate with them.

Based on my research, I created a selection of designs that were unique yet consistent with the university's branding style. The designs incorporated engaging visuals and messaging that highlighted the university's unique selling points and the benefits of studying there. It was important to ensure that the posters were visually appealing and would capture the attention of the target audience.

Once the designs were completed, I worked closely with the University of Arts London team to refine the content and ensure that it was tailored to their specific recruitment goals. The posters were finalized within a week and were met with positive feedback from the client.

Through this experience, I learned the importance of conducting thorough research on the client, their audience, and their branding guidelines. It was also crucial to ensure that the content and design of the posters were tailored to the client's specific needs, while still being engaging and visually appealing to the target audience. I am thrilled to have contributed to the success of the University of Arts London's recruitment campaign and look forward to taking on more exciting content marketing projects in the future.

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